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Pfaff Creative Stitch Editor ~SPLIT~ALTER & REARRANGE DESIGNS Creative Software

Pfaff Creative Stitch Editor ~SPLIT~ALTER & REARRANGE DESIGNS Creative Software

Pfaff Creative Stitch Editor


Modify your embroidery designs and add patterns to motifs with Pfaff's Creative Stitch Editor

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Create completely new embroideries from parts of your existing creative Cards. Use new patterns to transform your designs.

Load designs in any hoop

  • View, open or drag and drop to select your favorite designs on screen, as many as you like each in its own window. Select hoop size or create your own size. Work with sections of designs or whole designs

Select and adjust stitches

  • Display designs by color block or use the slider bars to show the order of embroidery, then select a specific area using freehand or polygon features.

  • Cut, copy, or paste the marked section in that embroidery or a new one. You can also mirror vertically and horizontally, rotate by degree, or scale parts or whole designs up and down

  • Prepare unique designs with new patterns

  • Choose from over 200 PatternMake stamps in two sizes to transform flat areas into 3D works of art. Use them as individual patterns, in a line or to fill a whole section of your embroidery. Change the angle of the stamp, too.

Split large designs into smaller ones

  • If you have a design that is too big for your chosen hoop, you can use the Split Design feature.

    • For the 7500 series of machines, try the special Design Splitter program that cuts designs for your creative Fantasy Big Hoop.

  • Divide large embroideries for a smaller hoop

    • Decide where you want the cut, and the design is instantly split in two. The program will ensure that the parts fit together and jump stitches are minimized.
      For the 7570, 7562 and 7560 models use the Design Splitter program included so that the design will fit in your creative Fantasy Big Hoop.

Change embroideries to improve stitching quality

  • Use compensation to adjust for fabrics sinking into certain fabrics or break up stitches into smaller lengths. Center a design automatically with just one click.

Use all the colors of the rainbow

  • Choose thread colors from any of the nine thread databases. Alter color order and reduce the number of thread changes with ColorSort.

  • Choose and rearrange your colors

  • Change the order of colors, combine colored areas and reduce the number of thread changes using ColorSort.

  • Use the thread color numbers from your preferred manufacturer. Add notes, too.

Quick 3D View

  • Preview the embroidered design in three-dimensional stitches and set at Real Size.

  • Use the VIP Configure program to set your fabric color.

  • Print a design worksheet in color to use as a sewing guide.

  • Set your screen background to any color in the 16-million Windows color palette.

  • Turn the grid on and off or change the size or color.


  • Load and save designs in the following formats:

    • Brother/Babylock/Bernina PEC (.pec), Brother/Babylock/Bernina PES (.pes version 2,3,4 - version 3&4 load only), Compucon/Singer PSW (.xxx), Husqvarna Viking / Pfaff (.vip), Husqvarna (.hus), Janome (.sew), Melco (.exp), Pfaff (.pcs), Tajima (.dst), and Toyota (.10*).

Help and Tutorials

  • A printed User's Guide and extensive on-screen help provide advice if needed. The interactive training program included will show you how easy it is to use Pfaff creative Stitch Editor.

System requirements

  • PC with Pentium processor or 100% compatible (600MHz recommended)

  • Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP

  • creative Customizing

  • 16 MB RAM (64MB recommended)

  • 70MB hard disk space (for full install)

  • SVGA monitor, 1028 x 764 1028 x 764 resolution, high color (16 million colors recommended)

  • Mouse

  • CD-Rom or DVD-Rom drive

  • Serial port (COM)

  • USB or parallel port

  • The Embroidery System

  • VipStitch Editor

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Pfaff Creative Stitch Editor ~SPLIT~ALTER & REARRANGE DESIGNS Creative Software