Pfaff Home Style 1529

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Pfaff Home Style 1529
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    Product Description

    Do you love to decorate your home with accessories that you've made yourself? If so, we have the perfect sewing machine for you - the Pfaff ClassicStyle home 1529, with IDTTM, a great stitch program, high presser foot clearance, a free-motion sewing position and much more! As an extra value, you'll also receive two welting presser feet, which you can use to sew professionallooking welts on your cushions and upholstery! The Pfaff ClassicStyle home 1529 is a Special Edition, and that means: special features, a sleek design and real brand-name quality, all at a very affordable price. Visit your Pfaff dealer and see for yourself!
  • Original IDTTM (Integrated Dual Feed) – absolutely even fabric feed from both the top and bottom. Fine fabrics, several layers – no slipping! Only Pfaff has the original IDTTM built into the machine.
  • Only from Pfaff: German engineering and innovative design!
  • Extra value! Purchase the ClassicStyle home 1529 and receive two extra presser feet that are must-haves for everyone who loves to sew for their home: the Welting Foot and the Twin Welting Foot.
  • High presser foot clearance to make room for heavy fabrics or several layers of fabric!
  • Free-motion sewing position! Use the special free-motion sewing position for the presser foot to get the highest clearance for your free-motion sewing.
  • Constant needle piercing power even when you sew slowly, with thick fabrics or through several layers of fabric.
  • Great stitch selection. The right stitch for every sewing project! • Variable stitch width up to 5.5 mm and stitch length up to 6.0 mm.
  • Many needle positions! For precise topstitching without having to move the fabric.
  • Bobbin winding through the needle is so easy! No need to rethread. Winding stops as soon as the bobbin is full.
  • “Snap on” – fast change for presser feet and needle plates – simply snap on and off!
  • Many accessories included: Standard Presser Foot, (Edge Guide/ Quilting Guide), Clearview Foot, Blindhem Foot, Zipper Foot, Buttonhole Foot, seam ripper, needle box.
  • Carrying case! To protect your ClassicStyle home 1529 when not in use.
  • Only from Pfaff! The ergonomic work surface! With lots of room for sewing and an optimal view of your projects.
  • Sew in reverse to secure your seam.
  • Professional buttonholes without having to turn the the fabric.
  • Sew buttons on quickly with your ClassicStyle home 1529!
  • Extra-slim free arm for working on tubular items like cuffs, trouser legs, necklines and more.
  • Easily accessible thread cutter – on the side of your ClassicStyle home 1529.
  • Two spool pins! The main spool pin tilts up so that you can slide your thread on easily. The extra spool pin is available for twin needle sewing.
  • Illuminated sewing area! The sewing lamp is easy on your eyes and in the perfect place to illuminate your sewing projects.