Lindhaus Valzer Health Care Pro Hepa Vacuum Cleaner

Lindhaus Valzer Health Care Pro Hepa Vacuum Cleaner
The Valzer-Hepa model is a lightweight, easily maneuverable, yet durable upright vacuum. Cleans your hard floors as well as carpets with its tremendous cleaning power. It offers multiple filtration possibilities along with off-board accessories for your cleaning convenience.

The HealthCare Pro Hepa model is compact, commercial quality and reliable for professional use and light weight make it an excellent machine also for domestic use.

  • Total watt power: 850
  • Amp usage: 7.9
  • Vacuum motor watt power: 700
  • Vacuum motor amp: 6.5
  • Water lift (inch): 79
  • CFM: 92
  • Full-bag indicator: standard
  • Bag capacity: 4 Qt.
  • 3M Filtrete Microfilter: standard
  • S-Class Hepa filter: option
  • Carbon active filter: option
  • Blower: option
  • Cord Length (feet): 35
  • Hard floor switch: standard
  • On-board tools: standard
  • Sound level db(A): 68.4

  • Brush motor watt power: 150
  • Brush motor amp.: 1.4
  • Electronic overload control: standard
  • Cogged drive belt: standard
  • Aluminum brush supports with ball bearings: standard
  • Brush height adjustment: standard
  • Brush width: 10.5"
  • Base width: 12"
  • Weight (lbs): w/o cord 14.75