Husqvarna Viking Daisy 325 Sewing Machine NEW! MADE IN SWEDEN

Husqvarna Viking Daisy 325 Sewing Machine NEW! MADE IN SWEDEN
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Product Description

Husqvarna Viking Daisy 325 Sewing Machine NEW! MADE IN SWEDEN

The Husqvarna-Viking Daisy 325 sewing machine NEW!


* Built-in buttonhole
* Bartack
* Straight stitch with infinite needle positions
* Centre needle straight stitch
* Three-step zigzag
* ZigZag
* Seam overcast
* Blind hem
* Elastic casing stitch
* Reinforced straight stitch with infinite needle positions
* Reinforced straight stitch center needle position
* Ric Rac stitch
* Smocking stitch
* Stretch seam overcast
* Decorative stitch
* Flatlock stitch


TQF -Total Quality Feed.
The Husqvarna Viking Daisy series boasts the best feed system available. It keeps layers together and feeds all types of fabrics smoothly and evenly.

Electronic Speed Control. 
Full needle-piercing power at any speed through any thickness.

Built-In Bobbin Winder. 
The handwheel disengages automatically in wind position. There´s no need to unthread the needle! After winding, use the built-in cutter, drop in your bobbin and sew.

Up-Front Horizontal Spool System. 
Thread reels off smoothly no matter what type you use. The spool is up front and a transparent window allows you to see when your thread is low.

Presser Foot Pressure. 
Feed knits, sheers, wovens and quilts smoothly and evenly thanks to adjustable presser foot pressure.

Adjustable Stitch Width. 
When you dial your desired stitch, the width is set automatically. Use this recommendation or override it with a turn of the stitch width dial - from 0 to 5.5 mm (from 0 to 1/5").

Built-In Buttonhole. 
Sew perfect pre-set buttonholes to any length without turning the fabric.

Permanently Lubricated. 
Never oil your Husqvarna Daisy. Oil and fabric don´t mix.