Husqvarna Viking Platinum Royal 735 CALL NOW FOR SPECIAL PRICING 877-251-3334

Husqvarna Viking Platinum Royal 735 CALL NOW FOR SPECIAL PRICING 877-251-3334
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Product Description

  • EASY THREADING Follow the top threading guide arrows for easy threading.
  • AUTOMATIC NEEDLE THREADER Built-in needle threader eliminates tedious hand threading.
  • TWO BUILT-IN SPOOL PINS Easy threading for twin needle and other specialty sewing and topstitching techniques.
  • BOBBIN WINDS FROM NEEDLE No need to unthread or rethread to wind a bobbin.
  • AUTOMATIC BOBBIN THREAD PICK-UP No need to bring bobbin thread up manually.
  • SNAP ON AND OFF PRESSER FEET Change presser feet quickly and easily.
  • ADJUSTABLE PRESSER FOOT PRESSURE Even feed on bulky knits to fi ne sheers.
  • DIRECT STITCH SELECTION Select your stitches directly on your Touch Panel.
  • ADJUSTABLE STITCH LENGTH AND STITCH WIDTH Adjust stitch width and length from 0 - 6 mm for specialty sewing.
  • 25 NEEDLE POSITIONS Set needle position perfectly for quilting, stitching in the ditch, topstitching, zippers, specialty techniques and accessory presser feet.
  • STOP FUNCTION Touch STOP to fi nish stitch pattern at end and tie off automatically. Program STOP to end sewing at a specifi c stitch or program.
  • FIX FUNCTION Touch FIX to stop and lock any stitch instantly with tiny forward and backward stitches.
  • MIRROR IMAGE Flip stitches and/or stitch programs side to side and/or end to end for unlimited creative combinations and easy fabric positioning while you sew. For Platinum 715, 735 and Platinum 955 E fl ip stitches and/or stitch programs side to side.
  • SELECTIVE NEEDLE STOP UP/DOWN Set needle to stop up or down. Tap the foot control or touch needle up/ down button to move needle up or down at any time. For Platinum 715 and 735, tap the foot control to place the needle in down position.
  • INSTANT AND PERMANENT REVERSE Touch reverse to sew any stitch in reverse for a lockstitch and tie off. Touch reverse twice for continuous reverse.
  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED Convenient up-front threading, bobbin winding and placement, free arm, all settings at your fi ngertips with simple function buttons. One piece aluminium casting is lightweight yet strong, long lasting and prevents vibration. The large foot control allows comfortable sitting position.
  • SLIDE-ON ACCESSORY BOX Store your bobbins, accessory feet, needles and more, right at your fi ngertips. The new extended working area facilitates working with larger projects.
  • BUILT-IN RULER Ruler on front base of Platinum lets you measure at your fi ngertips. Convert from inches to centimeters in an instant.
  • ATTRACTIVE CARRYING CASE Easy to carry and protects your Platinum and accessories for storage and/or transport.
  • MADE IN SWEDEN Husqvarna Viking has engineered superior quality and cutting edge technology sewing machines for over 130 years.
  • PERMANENTLY LUBRICATED No oiling means no oil on fabric.
  • JAMPROOF ROTARY HOOK No tangled threads or threads sewn down into the machine.
  • ELECTRONIC SPEED CONTROL AND PIERCING POWER Stitch by stitch control with full needle penetration at any speed.
  • Your personal Sewing Advisor With the Sewing Advisor, an exclusive Husqvarna Viking feature, you can concentrate on the creative part of sewing. Enter the type of fabric and the sewing technique, and your Platinum 715, 735 or 775 instantly chooses the correct stitch, stitch width and length, and sewing speed. Thread tension, presser foot and presser foot pressure are recommended. The Infodisplay shows the exact status of your Sewing Advisor.
  • A stitch for every need Select your stitch with the touch of a finger! The most commonly used stitches are presented graphically on the machine. This saves you from scrolling through menus to find the stitch you need.
  • Memory functions and lettering Lots of memory means that you can combine many stitches and letters. It makes it easier for you to name, label and date large projects, like quilts and curtains. Platinum 775 features four memories to program 55 stitches each. The 735 and 715 each have one memory to program up to 30 stitches.
  • Other comfort functionsTouch FIX to stop and lock any stitch instantly with tiny forward and backward stitches. Touch STOP to finish a stitch pattern at the end and tie off automatically. You can also program STOP to end your sewing at a specific stitch or program. The two built-in spool pins on your Platinum offer easy threading for twin needles and other specialty sewing and topstitching techniques.