Handi Quilter - HQ II- Quilting Machine Frame

Handi Quilter - HQ II- Quilting Machine Frame
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Product Description

Portable, adjustable frame for use with most home sewing machines or the HQ Sixteen Quilting Machine. Can quilt all sizes up to king.

The HQ II is the patented adjustable quilting frame and carriage system that turns your own home sewing machine into a small-scale machine quilter. The HQ II saves space, time, money and work. There is no more basting, no more pushing quilts through a sewing machine and no more spending money, or waiting months for a machine quilter to quilt your tops.

  • It is light-weight, perfectly balanced, portable and fluid. It has motion so smooth that the most intricate and tight turns of a quilting design can be easily manipulated.
  • The HQ II is made with the highest grade, non-breakable plastics. NO Acrylics. Won't dent, rust, chip, warp or splinter.
  • All components are included, unlike other imitation frames. No need to buy additional items to set it up after your purchase.
  • Works with most domestic sewing machines. Just drop your feed dogs and use the normal darning or free-motion foot that comes with your machine.
  • Designed to easily mount to any tabletop surface with only two clamps! This unit is compact, portable and lightweight. By simply unscrewing the end bolts, the unit quickly collapses for easy storage.
  • Uses industrial ball bearing wheels just like the long arm machines for smooth carriage motion. You have precision control no matter how much your machine weighs.
  • Locking poles adjust easily to accommodate quilts 48 inches to king size. Sturdy poles are 1 1/8" for added strength.
  • Continuous track included. No stopping to slide your track to the next section like imitation frames. No need to tape or join tracks together.
  • Quilted clothing or odd shaped objects can be quilted effortlessly. Several small items can be put on the quilt frame at the same time.
  • Continuous patterns can be followed by using a stylus, pre-marking your quilt or creating patterns of your own.


  • Lexan plastic components (same material used in bullet proof glass)
  • Extremely sturdy frame design
  • Locking pole system for quick and easy adjustability
  • Velcro® Leader System
  • Continuous track system. No slop, bumps or friction
  • Written instructions included
  • Velcro® Clamp System
  • Free Continuous Line Pattern Included
  • Weighs less than 35 lbs

    Laurel Barrus, Founder

    Handi Quilter® systems are simply the best home machine quilting systems available. Whether you're a beginning quilter or advanced, starting a business of your own or simply finishing quilts for your kids or grandkids, Handi Quilter Company has a system for you.

    As the creator of the first portable home machine quilting frame, we have implemented our years of quilting experience to create a complete line of quilting machines, home machine quilting frames, and quilting gadgets perfect for any quilter. Each of our products has been carefully designed by a quilter, for quilters™ and has gone through extensive testing ensuring you receive a quality product that will help you create heirloom quilts to last a lifetime!

    Happy Quilting!