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Happy Journey Commercial 7 Needle Embroidery Machine

Happy Journey Commercial 7 Needle Embroidery Machine

Happy Journey Embroidery Machine-7 Needle (Similar to the Janome MB7)

The Happy 7 Needle Journey embroidery machinewill suit all present and potential embroiderers and crafters. *Manufactured in Japan by Happy Industrial Corp, Journey provides the ease of high speed, multi-needle embroidery to more audiences using its unsurpassed blend of entry-level pricing, compact size, silent operation, and big-machine features.

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Happy Journey Embroidery Machine Key Features

  • Intuitive color touch screen: on-board help, auto error correction.
  • 12 inch x 12 inch hoop - large sewing field.
  • 1,000 stitches per minute top speed.
  • Compact, quiet: small, stable 11 inch x 17 inch base, quiet, smooth operation.
  • USB flash drive port accepts various brands, sizes of USB flash memory sticks.
  • Built-in networking - control multiple Happy machines from 1 PC.
  • Compatible with commercial clamps, hoops and other add- ons - good flexibility.

  • Simple design positioning with laser trace, visual hoop maps, laser trace.

    Wide cap field - embroider the front and sides in one hooping! (with optional cap sewing kit)

    Intuitive color touch screen shows key sewing information at all times!

    Customize your work screen,Like a smartphone or tablet!

    New 1-Point Frame for tight spots like cuffs and pockets

    Compact design, yet big sewing power- 1000 spm top speed!

    Sew on large itmes like bags without taking them apart!

    HAPPY HCH-701 Journey Embroidery Machine


  • Key Measurements
  • Machine width: (base) 10.5",(with control panel)27.1"
  • Machine height: 29";
  • Machine length/depth: 29.5"
  • Machine weight: 88lbs assembled; 125lbs in box.

    Sewing Performance

  • Continuous sewing field: normal (tubular) - 12.5" x 12.5"; cap field 2.7"h x 11.4"w
  • Sewing Speed: normal (tubular) - 1000spm; cap sewing speed 750spm
  • Power Requirements: Standard 110v AC Capacities
  • Design memory: 40 million stitches or 250 designs
  • MaxColor changes per design: 99
  • Custom hoop memory: 15 hoops + HAPPY brand hoops
  • Onboard Fonts: 12
  • Included Designs: 100

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    Happy Journey Commercial 7 Needle Embroidery Machine