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PFAFF-smart 350p Felting and Punching Machine

PFAFF-smart 350p Felting and Punching Machine

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PFAFF smart-350-p Felting, embellishing, and experimenting – the The PFAFF smart-350-p punching machine is the ultimate in creative fun for everyone who loves special effects! Pfaff smart 350P Embellisher requires no thread as it simply meshes fabrics together using 5 special barbed needles.

Simply move the fabric freely under the needles to create any look or design. The Pfaff Smart 350P embellisher can make all your projects from garments to wall hangings, using paper, yarns, fabric, ribbon, threads, feathers, in fact all your old scraps can be used to make the most exotic garments, quilts and other decorative items.

The Pfaff Smart 350P Embellisher has a convenient auto needle position feature which means that the needle bar always stops in the up position. The presser foot height can also be adjusted using the low, medium, high scale, depending on the material you are working with. Changing needles is easy and economical as each needle can be removed individually. Make felted graphic motifs, especially on wool fabrics or lay woven patterned fabric on a background fabric and stitch over it. Make Embellishments or worn effects on denim – they’re easy to do with Pfaff smart 350P.

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PFAFF-smart 350p Felting and Punching Machine