CM19R&CM19RB DROPFEED. CM19 Regular & Large Bobbin Series

Versatile! Use for edge sewing, patch sewing, attaching and abutting work, applique work and binding on leather, vinyl, canvas, cloth, lace, etc.

CM19 Regular & Large Bobbin Series

Single needle,drop feed,ZIGZAG,lockstitch machine.

  • Horizontal axis
  • transverse rotary hook and bobbin
  • reverse feed,
  • Combination zig-zag and straight stitcher.


  • 19R-1A - Federal Stitch 304.
  • 19RB-1A - Large Bobbin version
  • 19R-1A19R-2A- 3-step/ 2-stitch zig-zag. Federal Stitch 308.
  • 19RB-2A -Large Bobbin version of 19R-2A
  • 19R-3A- 4-step/ 3-stitch zig-zag
  • 19RB-3A -Large Bobbin version of 19R-3A


  • Max stitch: 5 s.p.i (5mm)
  • Max speed: 2700 - 3000 S.P.M.